A Few of My Faves: Vegan Cookies

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uncle eddies oatmeal_chocolate_The Everyday Vegan

1. Uncle Eddie’s Oatmeal Chocolate Chips Cookies

The Alternative Baking Company Colossal Chocolate Chip Cookie_The Everyday Vegan

 2. Alternative Baking Company Colossal Chocolate Chip Cookie
























oreo cookies_The Everyday Vegan

3. Oreo Cookies

  1. Uncle Eddie’s Oatmeal Chocolate Cookies: These vegan cookies are highly addictive! My husband and I purchased these cookies on a whim. And while standing in the grocery store checkout line, a shopper in front of us noticed our cookies and he told us “These cookies are highly addictive.” Boy he sure was right! We had No idea what we were getting ourselves into. Uncle Eddie’s Cookies are so close in texture and flavor to cookies that are not vegan, I dare anyone to tell the difference. But please remember when you purchase your first bag,  these cookies are addictive – so please consider yourselves warned.
  2. Alternative Baking Company: I love these cookies! One reason is because their cookies are vegan and soy free. I love the chocolate chip cookies, but they do also offer great flavors like Luscious Lemon Poppyseed, and Outrageous Oatmeal Raisin with Walnuts. They are sold individually, as  colossal sized cookies.
  3. Oreo Cookies: Believe it or not, but Oreo cookies are vegan. Oreo cookies are wonderful because when I have craving for some junk food, they can’t be beat.