Green Bliss Café in Fullerton

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With downtown Fullerton being a rather hip area for art and restaurants, I knew there had to be some good vegan eats. I was pleased to stumble upon Green Bliss Cafe. With plenty of green in their planters out front, it seemed fitting and inviting already. Inside is quite cozy – a few tables claimed by study groups, a couch in the corner, a bar (where I ate), and a nice courtyard through the back door. The atmosphere is very laid back and seems to be a hotspot for local college students. Eco-conscious messages can be found all around you, and they even have a community cork board for postings.

While they have an extensive coffee and tea menu (which I noticed quite a few customers come in for exclusively), and even some retail goods like raw honey mason jars, bags of coffee beans, etc, I primarily came for the food. And it didn’t disappoint! I tried a few items from the lunch menu that seemed to be popular online – the Kickin Kale salad, the Curry Chickpea Panini, and the baked Garlic Mushroom flatbread (you have to make sure it’s made with cashew cheese – they also carry real cheese for a few dishes).

The kale salad had a nice tart ginger tahini dressing. Tossed in were red onions, cucumber, carrot, and avocado. Rather basic, but the dressing paired well with the onions and avocado.

Now, the curry chickpea panini – with fresh greens, tomato, sliced almonds and vegan mayo on toasted marble rye bread – this was a unique sandwich. It’s served cold and with a side salad as well. The bread is toasted to a crunch, which gives it a nice contrast to the chickpea filling. The flavor is very solid and fuses the distinct curry flavor with the good things about a panini.

The garlic mushroom flatbread with cashew cheese, thyme, and parsley was delicious! Super tasty. I’d recommend this. Heavy on the mushrooms, which I’m a big fan of. It doesn’t really try to outdo itself. They keep it simple and straightforward with this one. Just savory mushroomy goodness.

I finished my meal trying their kale ginger smoothie – with kale, OJ, soy milk, ginger and a little agave. And for dessert, their house-made chai scone. This was great! Nice moist texture inside and crumbly outside. The chai spice flavor really popped with the addition of the maple glaze on top.

I’ll be coming back here, especially to try their breakfast menu. The Sweet Quesadilla sounds very tasty for example, with granola, coconut cashew butter, fruit and syrup.

Whether you’re a local looking for a new laid back cafe with a solid menu, or if you happen to find yourself in downtown Fullerton on an Art Walk night (first Friday of every month!), check out Green Bliss cafe.

After one visit, I’d give it 7/10 high fives! If the rest of their menu holds up on further visits, I’d say it teeters on 8/10.