How I Learned To Eat Plant Based Diet And Love The Vegetables

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By Robert Wheatley  for Trident Media

It’s World Vegan Day; the day us vegans fuse together to generate renewable energy, and tell people we’re vegan. We tend to have a bit of a bad rep, us plant-eaters: supposedly we’re either shoving our diet in people’s faces, or causing harm to plants because they supposedly feel pain.

Personally, I haven’t encountered any militant vegans slapping the burgers from people’s hands, yelling “MEAT IS MURDER” – honestly, the worst I’ve encountered is a friend explaining their diet to me because, you know, I asked them about it. Secondly… listen: I gotta eat something. Like, I need sustenance. Sorry, screaming cucumbers, but because of my self-centred desire to keep alive, I’ve chosen you as my prey – RIP.

Seriously though, the reason I went vegan was after hearing of the details of what continues in an industry that produces animal products for our consumption: in dairy-farming, animals are killed if they are not useful; calves are separated from their mothers early at birth, creating great distress; and cows are continuously artificially impregnated, and milked for months on end (source) to name a few of the grisly details.

Not to mention the economic and environmental impacts mass animal-farming has, contributing to unfair allocation of resources people desperately need for nourishment; as well as contributing to deforestation, the scarcity of water, as well as contributing an incredible amount of methane into the atmosphere which has a great impact on climate change.

Basically, it’s all a bit naff, at the moment.



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