Plant-Based Milk Labeling Cannot Just Arbitrarily Be Changed, Says FDA To Dairy Industry

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FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb says the agency will not follow through with enforcing legislation to change the definition of milk without“a deliberate process.”

Gottlieb’s statement, that was made to The Hagstrom Report, refers to a debacle between the dairy industry and plant-based companies about whether vegan products should be labeled with names conventionally connotated with animal products, such as milk, cheese, butter, and yogurt.

The Hagstrom Report questioned Gottlieb after a town hall event about the FDA’s plans, or lack of, to legally resolve the conflict aroused by the definition of such foods. Gottlieb said, “It’s true” that the current FDA definition of milk is the secretion of a lactating animal.” However, he also noted that the FDA has permitted plant-based products to be labeled with dairy-like terms for years.

“We can’t just arbitrarily change what will be allowed in the marketplace,” commented Gottlieb, who later said the FDA is discussing a rewrite of all “standards of identity” for food products.

Many believe that due to the prominence of vegan food in today’s market and how plant-based food sales are increasing while dairy sales are dropping, the dairy industry is ramping up advertising and trying to redefine its position on the modern market. Regarding the impact of the growing interest in plant-based milk among consumers, the CEO of Select Milk Producers, Mike McCloskey, previously stated, I think the threat is very serious.”


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