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We Review Ahimsa Vegan Cafe in Long Beach

Ahimsa Vegan Cafe has “Ahimsa” defined on their website: “(In the Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain tradition); the principle of nonviolence toward all living things.” I respect that. Among a handful of vegan restaurants in Long Beach, Ahimsa is confident doing it’s own thing. With a well-rounded menu and casual but classy environment,
you can’t go wrong here.

It’s counter service, but there are plenty of spacious tables (and even a funky colored couch or two) to choose from. Nice art (including a particularly beautiful mural), an old piano (wonder if it ever gets used), brick walls and rustic yet modern tables. It’s very laid-back in here.

So I order their Samosa, Mediterranean Salad, Thai Temple Bowl, and a Ginger Mint Lemonade. All recommended, and all for under $30. Not bad!

The lemonade is delicious. Just sweet enough, just the right amount of ginger and mint. Simple but so refreshing. The samosa comes out. Flakey crust, hot cauliflower, potatoes, peas and spices. Cilantro and a sweet sauce on the side. This is quite good, only wish there was more of it!

The Mediterranean salad was a great choice. Organic quinoa tabouli, hummus, sprouts, tomatoes, cucumbers, baby greens, sun-dried tomatoes, kalamata olives, roasted sesame sour cream sauce, and a whallop of organic hummus. Wow. They go all-out with this one. Fresh as can be, flavors from everything coming through. Great hummus and dressing.

And the Thai Temple bowl. Although the other bowls looked great (the signature Ahimsa bowl and the Fiest bowl, for example), I’m glad I went with this one. Crispy glazed tofu, bell pepper, kale, thai basil peanut sauce, bean sprouts, fresh basil and sesame on top… This was one of my favorite bowls I’ve ever had. The peanut sauce was creamy, the kale perfectly smokey edges after being cooked. So much flavor, and the basil and sesame go a long way.

And my favorite part, dessert! They offer a variety of fresh pies, and I had to go with 2 just based on how good they looked. A slice of chocolate peanut butter and a slice of traditional blueberry pie. The chocolate peanut butter just melts in your mouth. And the blueberry pie is the best I’ve had recently. Crust is crumbly yet also has a thin layer of sugar. Surprisingly, not too sweet! I’m not a fan of biting into a fruit pie and being reminded I have an unattended cavity. That was not the case here – the filling was very genuine and gave the blueberries a chance to keep their flavor.

Laid back, affordable, and also offering juices and smoothies if you’re into that – Ahimsa is a must-try for vegans of long beach (if you didn’t know about it already)!

9/10 hi-fives!