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We Review Crossroads Vegan Restaurant Hollywood CA

This is my long awaited review of Crossroads Vegan Restaurant in Hollywood California. Let me see, what can I tell you about Crossroads. Crossroads is probably the swankiest vegan restaurant in all of Southern California. It’s the only vegan spot I’ve been to that does white tablecloths. The restaurant aesthetically is pretty nice; one might even say it’s kind of sexy. The kind of place that you would want to take someone for their birthday, anniversary or just to have a nice dinner out.

The wait staff at the restaurant are pretty nice, but could probably stand to take a few lessons on waiter etiquette. Honestly the bussers that clean up the tables and help bring out the food, really should be the wait staff because they are far more polite and courteous than some of the waiters we have had there. The Management does do a pretty good job of going around to the tables and checking on you to see how you’re doing which I do like quite a bit.

The food at Crossroads is pretty good. My faves are the Wood-Fired Meaty Lasagna, Scallopini Parmesan and “Crab Cakes”. And for dessert we’ll rock the Chocolate Indulgence and the Caramel Apple. Although we find the food at Crossroads to be good and definitely worth trying for yourself, the rating that we are giving Cross Roads is based in large part on the ambiance of the restaurant more so than anything else. If you choose to give them a try as I think you should be sure to make room on your credit card because there prices are on the higher side and the servings are small.

The Everyday Vegan gives Crossroads 8 High Fives out of 10.

Crossroads Kitchen
(323) 782-9245