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We Review Little Pine in Los Angeles, CA


Moby’s Little Pine vegan restaurant in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles was deliciously spectacular. The wifey and I went to check out the new vegan eatery on Saturday and I was fatter and happier for the experience.

On the night we went to Little Pine, the restaurant was giving you the choice between two separate four course meals, and since there were two of us we got both so we could sample everything.
We started off with the Wild Mushroom Bruschetta with caramelized onion spread and arugula and it was so awesome, we loved it. Then we had the Brussel sprouts with tiny diced apple and fennel in an apple cider gastrique. The Brussels were good not great but good.

Next we had a couple of salads. The Mediterranean with arugula, kale, spigarello, red frill, olives and tomato which was very nice. The next salad was the Butter Lettuce salad with watermelon radishes and carrots with a mustard vinaigrette. Not a bad salad.

By this time we were getting pretty full, but since everything was tasting good we pushed through to the next course which was the Macaroni and Cheese. I think we both liked quite a bit, so much so that we found ourselves complaining that there was just not enough to go around between the two of us.
Then after eating the Mac and Cheese we had another “got dam it” that shit is good moment when we ate the Trio of Stuffed Pasta shells. They were filled with olive and pesto, artichoke and lemon, spinach and ricotta with their homemade cheese. Very, very tasty.

And last but not least we had our deserts, the fabulous Apple Berry Crumble with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, oh so good and their S’mores Ganache with a graham crust, chocolate ganache, pecans and toasted meringue. The S’mores was not my favorite dish of the night for sure but my wife thought it was alright.

Any who, the restaurant has a cool modern casual feel which I like, but the down side of a cool modern casual feel is the loss of warmth, which unfortunately is the case with Little Pine. The seating is limited and unless you’re fortunate enough to get sat on the cushioned bench that goes along the wall you’ll end up sitting on one of their more uncomfortable seats in the center of the restaurant.

The staff and our waitress were very nice and friendly although very disorganized which I attribute to the fact that it was only the second day of business for the restaurant. My overall experience at Moby’s Little Pine vegan eatery was good and the food was also very tasty with my two favorite items being the Wild Mushroom Bruschetta and the fabulous Apple Berry Crumble mentioned above.

In my opinion Little Pine is definitely worth a visit as soon as you can. I have already mentally made plans to go back within the next few weeks or so to not only see how much they have improved since their initial opening, but to get some more of their very taste menu items. So if you have a chance to check out Moby’s Little Pine restaurant drop us a line letting us know about your experience at Little Pine the good the bad and the ugly.

theeverydayvegan.com rates Moby’s Little Pine Restaurant @ 7 out of 10 Stars.

(323) 741-8148
2870 Rowena Ave,
Los Angeles, CA 90039