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We Review Healthy Junk in Anaheim, CA

Healthy Junk in Anaheim is located on Center St. Promenade, a trendy and inviting area of downtown Anaheim. More specifically, it’s located in a small food court that features both indoor and outdoor seating. The restaurant itself is more-so just a counter in the food court (also featuring a bar to the right of the main counter, which I did not visit this time.) They take an overtly casual approach to their food and service, but with their spin on authentic vegan comfort food, they are a treat nonetheless.

The guy at the counter recommended some of the more popular items – the Chili Chez fries, the Portobello Burger, and the BBQ Chicken Pizza. I also went with a nice brimming glass of the Cha Cha Kombucha (on tap!) and the Mango Tango Salad. So I took a seat in the sun, looking forward to the food.

First off, I wish I listened to his recommendation for the Mighty Kale salad over the Mango Tango. The mango salad did look good on paper! Romaine, quinoa, avocado, jicama, cucumber salsa, sliced mango, and a mango dressing. The dressing was nice and tart…there just wasn’t enough of it! It felt like mostly dry lettuce and quinoa, with mango and avocado. It was a little too basic, but hey – maybe they’re not particularly known for their salad. I’d try the kale next time.

The Chili Chez fries were recommended as well. The black bean chili had a good appeal – the “chez,” less so. Kind of a weird after-taste. Overall, pretty solid and I could see why someone craving this comfort food classic would go for it.

The Portobello Burger – grilled slices of portobello, a marinated “beef” patty, creamy aioli sauce, topped with lettuce, tomato, and red onion with balsamic vinaigrette on a white focaccia bun. The sauce was really tasty and definitely made the mushrooms and patty pop. The bun was a little plain, but simplicity seems to be
the appeal here. All the food came on paper plates with no fancy garnish (save a few carrot sticks with the burger, I’m guessing to go with the theme of their rabbit mascot). It’s straightforward picnic food made vegan.

And I saved the best for the last – the BBQ Chicken Pizza! My favorite by far. With plenty of sweet and smokey BBQ sauce, tender vegan chicken, deliciously creamy white sauce, a heaping layer of cilantro on top, and a crust with a great crunch to boot. And this thing is huge! Would be great to share with friends. No complaints here! If anything I would come back to try all their pizzas!

Finally, I grabbed a slice of their “Bunny Love” carrot cake to-go! Moist, with shreds of real carrot inside and topped with sweet-but-not-too-sweet lemon frosting and nuts.

I would definitely come back to Healthy Junk. They have a good balance going between the health and the, well, junk. Some things I tried lacked that “wow” factor compared to some other restaurants going for the same angle. But if I’m in the area, I won’t hesitate to stop by.

Healthy Junk in Anaheim gets 7 hi-fives out of 10!