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We Review Mead’s Green Door Cafe in Orange

Mead’s Green Door Cafe in Orange is situated just a few blocks from the Orange Circle. It’s actually vegetarian, carrying eggs and some dairy products – however almost everything has a vegan substitute upon request. And with unique art all around, bright and comfortable atmosphere, and some darn good vegan eats, it’s certainly worth your time. Did I mention it opens at 8:00 AM for breakfast? (But don’t worry, breakfast is served all day.)

It’s quick-service – you’ll order at the counter and have your order called. The menu includes smoothies, juices, coffee, salads, and quite the variety of cafe style dishes – from Hot Quinoa Cereal to Breakfast Tacos to Buffalo Cauliflower.

I found a nice table (in a narrow hallway off to the side, with tables, paintings, and windows to let the sun in. Feels like a hostel turned restaurant!) and waited for my food and Strawberry Yum Yum smoothie. I tried the Buffalo Cauliflower, the Green Power Salad, and the Breakfast Tacos.

The Buffalo Cauliflower was served with a vegan bleu cheese dip and a handful of carrot and celery sticks. They were super tasty, especially paired with the dip. Definitely enough for 2 or 3 to share. They got soggy rather quick but the flavor was still there.

The Green Power salad was quite unique! Kale, carrots, edamame, green grapes, red quinoa, walnuts, avocado, and an avocado-based “green goddess” dressing. I would come back just for this! I’m always comparing kale salads and this one is right up there. A great blend of flavor and texture. Creamy, tart, crunchy, sweet – all around goodness!

The Breakfast Tacos came highly recommended. Make sure to order them vegan with tofu in place of eggs and guacamole in place of sour cream. Everything else is A-ok: sauteed veggies, potato, fresh pico de gallo, and some heaping slices of avocado. Served with a side salad of baby urugula. Definitely a satisfying plate, everything was cooked well and tasted fresh!

Finished off with a pumpkin scone baked fresh that day (several other vegan baked goods were very tempting!) A little dry, but the flavor and spices were great.

The place has a very hip and artsy air to it. Staff was accommodating, and the environment is perfect to come and study, meet a friend, or just go to relax and grab a drink. I’ll be back! (and I hope they consider going 100% vegan! People sure do love their cheese and eggs…)

Mead’s Green Door Cafe gets 8/10 hi-fives!