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We Review Vegan Pizza in Garden Grove

Vegan Pizza is a (surprise!) 100% vegan authentic pizza place in Garden Grove. Also offering vegan junkery such as chili fries, buffalo wings, corndogs, “calzones,” and an array of drinks and desserts. Here’s the thing – there are several vegan spots that offer gourmet restaurant style pizzas, and many vegan eaters have even figured out how to custom order a cheeseless pizza from their local pizza place. But a dedicated vegan only pizza place, that does delivery too!? Vegan Pizza fills the niche.

It’s a rather small place, only four tables or so. Staff is friendly (and busy! on a Monday night, all the way until closing) and happy to recommend some favorites…

The Sausage Calzone – the vegan sausage was flavorful and the outside was well-toasted.

The Barbecue Chicken pizza – BBQ sauce, “chicken,” tomatoes, onions. Not bad!

The House Special pizza – white sauce, “chicken,” tomatoes, pineapple, and onions. This was my favorite out of the three. The white sauce was tasty, and I’m a fan of pineapple.

All of the pizzas have plenty of vegan cheese and a consistently good crust. To be honest, they didn’t blow me away. But nor do I think they’re trying to. They keep it simple here. They put on their toppings, throw them in the oven, and crank them out en masse for vegans and carnivores alike. They do have a variety of pizzas (a mediterranean with pesto, an indian curry, a spicy thai), and while I haven’t tried those, I would definitely give them a shot to find my favorite.

Not to mention, they offer a great brand of Kombucha (“TheBu” – try the honeydew!), fresh smoothies, and a nice variety of vegan desserts! The Oreo cheesecake was very impressive. One of the better vegan cheesecakes I’ve had.

If I were looking for somewhere to sit down and dine in, I would probably prefer to go to one of my usual restaurant-style pizza spots (like Freesoul or Healthy Junk).But if I were in the area, or needed affordable vegan eats delivered, or even just a place to chill and grab a dessert and a smoothie, Vegan Pizza is on the map!

I’d give it 7/10 hi fives!