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We Review Seabirds Kitchen in Costa Mesa

Sea Birds Kitchen in Costa Mesa Ca. is a very nice casual vegan restaurant that offers some of the best and most creative vegan food I have ever had. One of the really awesome things about Sea Birds is that they change there menu seasonally adding new and delicious new options to there menu.

I hate, hate, hate when most restaurants change up there menu because they usually take away something good and replace it with some bullsh*t but not Sea Birds. Sea Birds has consistently added new and delicious items to there menu to replace the other delicious items they have removed from there menu.

I have never been disappointed in the food or service at Sea Birds. The food overall is good not great but good obviously they do have quite a few things that I personally find to be absolutely fu^king delicious like there Butternut Enchiladas, BBQ Jack Sliders and the Purple Taquitos.

As for the deserts at Sea Birds, I would probably just skip them, so far they haven’t been very good. But everything else on the menu I think you’ll like very much, so give them a try.

The restaurant is pretty clean except for the bathrooms on several occasions which is a huge pet peeve of mine. And the only other thing that I can say that I don’t like is now that they have become so popular these days your almost always going to have to wait for seating. I guess that last pet peeve is one of those cry baby pet peeves not a real one.

Anyway The Everyday Vegan gives Sea Birds Kitchen 7 out of 10 High Fives.

Sea Birds Kitchen
2930 Bristol St.
Costa Mesa, CA 92626