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We Review Vegilicious in Huntington Beach

VegiLicious in Huntington Beach is quite the gem – an authentic marriage of western and japanese cuisine, all organic and made from scratch. It’s on the smaller side, tucked in between a Trader Joe’s and some other businesses in a mini-mall and seating maybe no more than 20 or 25. But walking in, you can tell this spot just oozes character and warmth. Yellow lanterns, crafted wooden decor, healthy plants, art-adorned walls – and of course, the co-owners and chefs who are quick to welcome you in.

And the food was a treat! I asked for recommendations and went with their Corn Chowder, Chef’s Green Salad, Grilled Meatless Teriyaki Burger, and Grilled Chick’n Curry.

First came the corn chowder and salad. The chowder was amazing! I wasn’t even a huge fan of corn chowder before I went vegan, but this won me over right away. Creamy, sweet but not too sweet, with sunflower seeds and herb garnish. The salad paired great with it. Fresh greens, daikon, radish, sprouts, and a deliciously savory and tangy garlic sesame dressing.

The teriyaki burger was impressive as well! The meatless meat and teriyaki sauce were on point. It could have used more vegetables in my opinion, but there’s no doubt the flavor is good enough to win over a meat-loving diner.

Then, the grilled “chicken” curry. I ended up favoring this over the burger. The curry was flavorful (more sweet than spicy), the imitation chicken had a nice texture, and the sliced almonds were a very nice touch.

And of course, I had to end the meal with dessert and tea. A hot rooibos tea, and a slice of white chocolate strawberry raw cake with a scoop of strawberry ice cream. Absolutely delicious, and made in house!

Service and atmosphere was very welcoming every step of the way. Owners and chefs Akira and Ana were happy to chat about what they do and their passion for doing it. 5 years vegan, committed to only organic ingredients – they’re the real deal! If you’re in Huntington, make sure to stop by and see for yourself (don’t forget to look up their hours, they’re closed in between 3 and 5:30!)

I went and did it, I found a new awesome vegan restaurant with all of the things that I think make a restaurant worth going to, like good food and it has to be clean, clean, clean with a good staff of people working their.

The name of the place is Vegilicious in Huntington Beach CA.. I was searching around on Google trying to find something new a different from all of the regular places I go to in the OC and to my surprise this place popped up. How lucky for me right?

I got the Teriyaki Burger with a side of potato wedges and there Very Berry Lemonade. OH yeah ya know my fat ass had to get a desert too so I got there Chocolate Cheese Cake which was pretty freaking good so I bought another one to take home to my wifey because she is the desert queen.

A sign of a good vegan restaurant or any restaurant for that matter is when the food taste fresh and or home made and Vegilicious has that going for them. The burger bun tasted fresh and home made and the burger patty had that really good home made taste to it as well. The only thing I did not like about my Teriyaki Burger was that the Teriyaki was a little thin and runny.

The potato wedges were very good, lightly pan fried with just a sprinkle of real sea salt. According to there menu they do not deep fry anything there. It’s either baked or lightly pan fried with the least amount of Olive oil possible. Good job people!

I believe the two owners and only staff that I saw there are a wife and husband team that really go way, way out of there way to make sure that your are good to go and pleased with your food and there service which I can say that I was very pleased with everything.

I really like this little restaurant and hope that they are able to continue making their Vegilicious Japanese macrobiotic vegan foods for a long time to come. So if your in the OC give them a try I think you’ll like them.

The Everyday Vegan Gives Vegilicious, 9 out of 10 High Fives!

16821 Algonquin St. #103
Huntington Beach CA 92649